A voice you can depend on...



  • Corporate, Medical and Legal Narration
  • eLearning and Tutorials
  • Product and Service Explainer Videos
  • Documentary and Industrial Films


  • North American English (Neutral Dialect)
  • German (Standard High and Bavarian Dialect)
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Looking for someone who will support your vision by giving voice to your message to promote your brand? 

With an early background in radio news, followed by a long-time paralegal career culminating with two decades of managing corporate ethics and compliance communications, e-learning, and training, I know what you’re looking for. Laser focus on your message, engaging delivery, high quality production, and exceptional customer service are my commitment to each and every client.

More than a voice, my passion for storytelling to inform, enlighten, and elevate has evolved over a lifetime of focusing as much on how we speak to one another as the message itself. Partnering with you and understanding the nuances necessary to give voice to often complex concepts, together we will engage your multi-generational audience of many by speaking directly to each one. 


I welcome the opportunity to provide you with a custom sample or audition! 

Please feel free to reach out directly via email or phone.  Prefer to send a message?  Either way, I will respond as soon as possible. 

Thank you!

Recording Studio

Dallas, TX USA